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    Bjorn, in his youth, he lived a decent live until he reached 12 years old. He was kidnapped and taken away from his home land Skjoldier. He managed to escape from the kidnapper one year later, but he was lost in The Wilds. He didn’t have anything with him, so he had to get everything himself. It was harsh, but he created some basic tools and a weapon. He got food from the trees and from hunting, which wasn’t easy for him at the beginning. He encountered a bear, when he was 15, but despite of his young age and lack of a manly strength, the Highlander managed to kill the bear. The scar on his face was made by the bear’s claw. During his time in the wild, he developed many skills like hunting and survival. Thanks to his determination, he returned to his homeland. He stayed at the Citadel for the next 6 years and then he moved to Arcas.
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