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    Abel has been alone for almost all of his live. He lived on the streets of a faraway snowy village up north, which was home to many colorful people. Despite everyone’s originality, he seemed to lack that quality. In a town of such odd people, he became the one that was odd. He lived his life fending for himself, and gathering his own resources. In turn, he became very independent, and hated the idea of trusting others. He grew very socially awkward and distant from people as a result as well. He became so independent, that instead of asking for help with a leg injury, so he used a frost vine to numb the pain and treated it with Athin, which is fairly rare. To even further his isolation, everyone around him believed in an all powerful deity that came into the universe from the void, but he never believed in anything like that, not that he would speak up about it anyways. It was more or less the same with the beliefs of worship with Horen. He read how people worshipped him as one of the exhaulted, and how he was the father of humans but he still never cared for anything of the sort. Despite everything, Abel still had a deep desire to explore the world. He bought a brown robe with most of his savings in preparation of his adventures. Once he reached the age of 19, he set out on a journey by sneaking onto a boat heading towards whatever province the ship happened to be heading in. The place in question, was Fenn, in Arcas. By definition, he would be called Farfolk, but he lacks the various unique qualities of others, making him fairly depressed, and curious to why he’s so ordinary.
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