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    Name: Mornur Stone (Bastard Name) Race: Dark Dwarf Birthplace: Home of a family friend Current Age: 50 Parents: Father- Unkown Mother- Died during labor. Family: I was raised by my mother’s closest friend Lessra, she always had a soft spot for me and took care of me as if I were her own, she did not have any other children and her husband Dardek died during an accident at the forge. It was just like any other day, we said our prayer to Yemekar and left for the forge. When we arrived I could sense that Dardek was feeling uneasy, he looked sickly his skin had gone from midnight black to ashen grey. I told him that I could handle the work today and he should head home to rest but that stubborn bastard didn’t listen and as we were pouring molten metal into a cast his legs gave out and he was covered in white-hot iron, forever preserved. I still can’t forget his scream. I blamed not only myself for this but the Gods too. I became very private after that day and started to turn my back on Yemekar and in secret focused my prayers towards Khorvad and the Darkness, hoping he could bring me answers for why the Gods had forsaken me. Childhood: I spent most of my childhood alone except for Lessra, she was always there for me, she taught me of the Gods and how they provide for us and know what’s best, while Dardek taught me the ways of the forge and occasionally teach me a lesson on alchemical and arcane arts, he noticed I had a particularly well understanding of them and that scared him since then I have forgotten everything he taught me, I started to learn some on my own but much of it was too advanced for me. Also as a child, I loved to hear stories of the great War of the Beards, and about the great forces of Kaz'Ulrah, after hearing these tales I was inspired to learn the art of war. Lifestyle: Poor, after Dardek died I was overcome with guilt and couldn’t bear to be around Lessra, every time I looked at her I was reminded of him. I left the house and ventured out into unknown lands trying to find a purpose in life, and that’s when I met Jinrin, my first love, we took a liking to each other instantly and decided to build a life together even though I was cursed to be barren, she didn’t care. We lived a very happy life for a few years until a band of Highlander Raiders showed up, they came in the middle of the night and kidnapped her and left me for dead. As I lay on the floor covered in my own blood I vowed to get revenge on any Highlander that opposed me. Then the world went black and I heard a deep rumble from within me saying “You’re not done in this world, listen now and listen well: When the moment comes that the ground turns liquid, the banished one shall usher forth the fall of a false god and an age of hunger. It shall be then, when what's shrouded is revealed, a broken promise shall bring forth the end of wealth. Find the Mages Guild learn the way of the Arcane Arts.” Suddenly I woke up in the lands of Arcas (which I wouldn’t learn until later), I knew I was part of something new, something bigger than me, something dark and twisted, and I liked it. I set out on my path thanking Khorvad for showing me the way taking up the new name Blood-Stone.
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