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    Zerieus was born with a different name, a different fate. Being born as Ereos to a youngly married couple he was always destined to be like his father, a smith. Keeping the locals supplied of tools and whatnot in the districts of the capital, yet something was off with this one elf. Ereos despised the Elven culture at first, the way how these isionalists worked with just their own kin was not acceptable for him. He learned young from his uncle, a Librarian, that Knowledge is power. What good is knowledge when you spend your life in but one place? Year after year, war after war, genocide after genocide passed, as the ultimate sacrifice was finally made. He took his trident, said his goodbyes, and wandered the world when he was but 40 years of age, miraculously the skilled warrior thrived for hundreds of years on his own, making friends in the past with people of other races. He to this day aspires to learn as much as he could, aspiring to be the most potent sorcerer the world has ever seen. He was reborn, as Zerieus (of the) Asaph, meaning Lord of (his Own) Fate.
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