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    Aniline was born just off the city of Lylia, in a small cabin in the forest. From there, she grew up with her caretaker, Shi (another elf), who taught her the art of painting, hunting, and legends of forests of Aegis, the birthplace of Malin. Aniline was never introduce to regular society until she was 40 years old due to Shi being afraid of her getting kidnapped. One day, Aniline was picking flowers in the forest before hearing a loud shriek that echoed throughout the woods. Aniline ran back into the cabin to find Shi fighting of a enormous bear with an axe, only for him to lose slowly. Aniline tried to help Shi but the beast killed him and began attacking Aniline. Somehow, she outran the beast by hiding in the trees and sitting there for days on end, praying to Malin that she will survive. A group of wanderers found her half-starved to death and took her in. Aniline recovered with full health (but a few scars were left behind) and was taught about the outside world and the beginning of time, when it was just a void (Ancient History). From there, she trained and became stronger every passing day. Aniline currently lives with them and owes them her life.
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