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    Grew up on a farm in the kingdom of Haense. He had a family and firends, but he never felt connected to either. His family were typical farmers, worried about rain and other farmer things, whereas Arathor din’t want to grow old living in the same moldy old house as his great grandparents lived. The friends he had weren’t very close, just people he would hang out with if he ever went to the tavern, but he would never make time to hang out, it just happened when they were at the same place. Being from Haense he is a follwer of the church of the canon. He believes in the chuches message, and will try to follow it to the best of his ability, but if it comes to a decision between religion and morality or personal goals, religion usually won’t be weigh as heavily as the others. One day, when Arathor was 15, an adventurer passed through the city and Arathor ended up speaking to him. He told him of a fantasticaly world with monsters and adventrue far grander than anything he would ever experience on the farm. Arathor was capruter by these stories, and already being sick of the farm he decided to leave, there was only the problem that he had no clue how to fight and had no weapons nor armour to protect himself if stuff went badly. The adventurer taught him some basics, but then left and wasn’t seen for a couple years. During that time Arathor kept dreaming of leaving and becoming an adventurer, exploring the world and seeing all the wonders the man had told him about. Three years later the man came back. He taught Arathor some more about defence, and gave him tips about travelling the world, including teaching him that no one could ever be trusted. The man also came with an unexpected gift (starting equipment, if there is none, then nothing). The gift that would help Arathor on his roads, as well as the mans advice made him confident to leave his home village in search for a grand adventure. His travells quickly lead him to the starting location and that is where he is now.
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