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    Taisiya was brought up in a happy and loving household on the outskirts of Helena. An only child, she wanted for nothing, enjoying her childhood spent with her friends Alaina and Nadiya Petrovya. As a soldier, her Father was often busy, away fighting in the wars. He had always returned home safe until the war with the orcs… One fateful day, her Father fell, never to get back up again. Upon learning this news, her mother fell into a deep depression, unable to even look at her daughter who was the image of her fallen Father. Eventually, the pain became too much for her, taking her own life in hopes of joining her loving husband once more. Left alone in this world for the first time in her life, Taisiya set out for Suffonia to find her friends again. Despite her recent tragedies, Taisiya is still determined to approach life with a positive outlook, always looking for the humour in any situation.
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