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    Argen is a dark elf raised with hatred for humans, as his town was destroyed by them. he, however, feels no hatred towards other races and tries to befriend them when he can, he likes hunting. he was born in the town of Shangho, raised by dark elves Helan and Orlana. but one day, humans came and burned down the city, at this time he was 5. he spent 13 years living off scraps in the town of lyria but eventually got thrown out for his attacks on visiting humans. he then lived in the forest thriving on wildlife. he has met others passing by and befriended them, but they all eventually had to leave forever. at the age of 19, he was greeted by an old man who asked him if he wishes to learn the arts of swordsman-ship. he agrees and they both head off to the mans house. on the way he learns the mans name is Arthur. Arthur teaches Argen how to wield a sword and ride horse. sadly, Arthur came down with a sickness and died. before he died, Arthur told Argen to take his armor and sword, which served him well. As Arthur died in Argens hands, Argen knew he would now need to seek work to sustain himself as he knew he couldn’t live in the wild. Now 20, he lives as an assassin.
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