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    Rugess Nome was born to a clan known as the Bith. The small but thriving clan was raided by barbarians in the night when their defenses were lowered. Most of the clan was wiped out by the raid, but Rugess Nome’s parents escaped the raid and were able to flee with their newly born son, Rugess. During his upbringing, Rugess was a naturally curious boy, he spent much of his time learning from elders instead of playing with other children. Once Rugess had grown to be a man, he decided to travel distant lands in search of more knowledge and wisdom to learn all that he could about the world he lived in. During Rugess’ travels, he met an elder that was from a distant realm known as “Atlas.” The elder told Rugess he had traveled to his current village after the fall of Atlas in 1704. Rugess was intrigued about the stories the elder told him of Atlas, and asked where the realm was located. The elder told him where Atlas was but noted that he’d heard of a new realm known as Arcas and that Rugess’ time would be better spent travelling there since Atlas was completely abandoned at this time. Rugess finished his conversation with the elder and wasted no time on his next adventure and began the journey to Arcas.
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