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    I was raised in a orphanage, apparently my parents had gone to war and never returned not that I really cared, they left me after all. Living in the orphanage I had to rely on myself and my friend Nyrhur mostly, we were quite the handful. When we were around 15 years old the caretakers dropped us of at the military for training because they had enough of our antics, can’t blame them really. After a quite alot of years in the military we were send out on an escort mission. We never really escorted alot as we quickly got ambushed by some bandits and I was knocked down with a club right in my face. when I woke up I was already back in Fenn but couldn’t open my right eye for some reason. The elfs that took care of me tried explaining that my eye got scarred during the fighting and I would be blind on my right side for the rest of my life. After a few more days of resting I went to my superior officer to report on the incident that had happend and to learn what had happend to the others escorting the goods as i hadn’t been filled in yet. The bandits were only after the goods and left most of us alive said my superior but because the failure protecting goods against bandits and because of my eye i didn’t have a place anymore in the military. Looking around the military camp for Nyrhur i picked up that he was send on a redemption mission to find those bandits. Being split from Nyrhur i wasn’t really certain what to do with my life i had been together with him for so long that i had a void now. Trying to fill this void i decided to wander outside of Fenn and explore the world and see what i could find worth pursuing. After a few months I found myself in Avalain walking along the docks being stopped by one of the ship captains there. He said he could use a set of extra hands on his travels through the icey cold ocean and a snow elf would be perfect since we have natural resistance against the cold. I decided quite quickly to take him up on the offer as i had no real plan and could use the funds. I stayed for quite some years on his ship called “the firelily”, we did alot of trading and deliveries. We even had to fight of pirates more then i can count. During those fights i’d always try to take on one enemy at a time since I was blinded on my right side and because of my eye had trouble defending against two enemies let alone more. Having gained enough experience about boats, sailing and trading i decided to return to Fenn in the hopes of making a name for myself and finding Nyrhur if he would even recognise me anymore.
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