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    Hearing of the tragic wars and depressions of his homeland, Art was always looking to help bring his home back to greatness as a child. His parents were owners of an armor shop, so they often told tales of mighty warriors that fought for them in the past. Art later became a young man who self-trained to become a soldier and help defend his home in Curonia. Unfortunately his constant attempts to be enlisted were denied. Art grew frustrated, but ultimately decided that he would need to do something bigger to prove he’s worthy. Art then became a Freelancer Warrior, hoping that he could prove his strength. His parents were surprised initially, but they reluctantly allowed it after he turned 18. Art took on many jobs that usually involving taking down criminals or retrieving stolen holy artifacts from bandits or pirates. Art had even managed to expose an underground slave trade. After that the Kingdom took notice and offered him a place in their military. However, Art had grown to like being a freelancer and declined, wanting to serve the people more directly without worrying about chain of command. Art then began to take on even more dangerous tasks, trying to keep his homeland stable from economic troubles. He once tracked down an assassin that was planning to murder several Noble House members. Art had even convinced a band of pirates to go into legitimate business rather than stealing tools and weapons. As of now Art still takes up jobs, eager to help those who can’t fight against powerful criminals, strange monsters, or anyone with a pitiful agenda. (For Clarification, this artwork is of my first DnD character I made a few weeks ago. The sword is purely from DnD, but this is the closest thing I have to Art in LotC. My twitter is @Azure_Flames9)
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