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    Ardit Ashdown was born in the silver state of Haelunn’orr as a Mali’thill (Pure blood high elf), along with two twin brothers named Adrik and Archer Ashdown. His two brothers were twins, and they all lived together. At a fairly young age, he began training in archery and swordsmanship. He uses fairly unorthodox methods, but there were effective nonetheless. Ardit lived a life similar to his brothers, experiencing a healthy mixture of human and elf culture. He was completely content with his life, and was a very trusting person. This all changed when his parents were sent off to war, and were slain in battle. This changed something inside him, and drove him from a happy and go-lucky kid into one with a more deranged and sadistic personality. It also caused Ardit to develop trust issues, resulting in him often refusing help or aid from anyone other than his brothers. As he grew older, he began to practice his arts of combat more and more, aiming to master swordsmanship and archery as soon as possible. Though he grew skilled in combat, he grew more and more separated from the rest of society, becoming a bit of a loner, which only pushed him further into insanity. In fact, the only people he didn’t hate and avoid were his two brothers. Though the people of his town still saw him as a happy and cheerful person, he was truly deranged and crazy. The only people who knew this were his brothers. Nevertheless, Ardit was a renowned archer and swordsman where he lived, aspiring for greatness alongside his brother Archer. Though, eventually, he decided to forget his dreams of greatness among the Elves, and decided to move with Archer and Adrik to find a new life somewhere else, leaving his past behind. Before setting off for this journey, Ardit thought of a prominent goal that he wanted to achieve. He always dreamed of becoming a renowned warrior across all of Arcas. This was his main goal, and he would do anything to achieve it. With this in mind, he set off to the Silver State of Haleun’or. Though this did not last long, as they got exiled, making their way to the Princedom of Fenn.
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