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    Unknown biological parents. Raised instead in a secluded half-elven village collectively by village members. Elves rarely visited but when they did, I always hated them. Maybe because my parents weren’t there for me growing up, or perhaps because they were all pretentious and arrogant. One young elven boy, about the same age as me, came for one year to stay with his distant relative. I thought he was tolerable, but I never came across him again. Growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed the company of a hobbit friend from a neighbouring village. We often played together in the woods and practiced our sword skills with each other, until we inevitably became separated from one another due to society’s course in what is acceptable and what is not. However, I have always held every other race in a high regard. Eventually I got sent away to a city to study eleven works in a more civilised manner, but I always missed the peace and calmness of the woods.
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