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    For all her life, Wei Xian and her family has lived in Atlas. Being the youngest of the four children, she often got hand-me down clothing. She and her three older brothers (who were very over-protective of her) would play outside with the wild animals and get scratches and dirt everywhere. That’s why she only wore red and black robes, kind of like ancient chinese robes. Ten years into her life, Wei Xian’s father was killed by an orc, leaving a mother and her four children behind. That’s when Wei Xian got her best-friend, Tofu; a white fluffy samoyed that accompanied her everywhere. At age 20, she and her brothers decided to move to Arcas to live on their own. Wei Xian met Zhou Han, a Strigae (she doesn’t know that) on the way and became friends with him. Her three brothers and Zhou Han were all very good at combat so they decided to train Wei Xian. Later, she fell in love with Zhou Han but he rejected her for another girl. Wei Xian and Zhou Han stopped seeing eachother for almost 20 years before they meet again in Axios. Zhou Han disappears again and Wei Xian makes it her life quest to get stronger and to look for him.
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