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    Helsin Humbart Ashdown was born into a large half-breed human/high-elf family in the Silver State of Haelun’or. Him and his large family later Although Helsin was born into a large family he was always closest with his brother Helios, the two did everything together from just playing tag, to exploring large landscapes together. Although Helsin and his brother Helios had a strong relationship this also came with a cost, due to Helsin’s large soft-spot for family and especially Helios he was often taken advantage of by them. They often were able to convince him to do work for them and get his hands dirty while they stayed nice and clean, because of this Helios always felt slightly guilty when around Helsin. Helsin being taken advantage of eventually led up to Helios not being able to lie to Helsin any longer, because of this he convinced the family to tell Helsin the trust and mainly just say sorry for taking advantage of him. The Ashdown’s expecting Helsin to hate them after this were actually quite surprised at his response. Rather than be mad at them he was mainly just happy and proud, Helsin knew the courage it had taken them to say sorry and admit what they had done to him over the years and because of this he forgave them. After this event Helsion became much closer with his family and started spending much more time with them, including Helios. Later through-out Helsin’s life he would do his best to fit in with the high-elvish creature, although this usually went well because of Helsin’s temper he was sometimes forced to enter combat with others. Although This ended up helping Helsin as through-out the years he earned a fierce reputation as one to never back down from a fight. As the years added up, so did Helsin’s social ranking, the male continued to become more popular day after day and week after week. Now Helsin sits around thinking and considering what he wants to do with his life, Shall he stay in his home town or enter a new stage of life? His desision, Helsin later on abandond his family before travelling to the far away city of Krugmar. His journey continues....
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