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    Ezme was born an only child in 1740. Having two considerably loving parents (Johna, and Alegra), she was raised knowing hardship and baring the weathers through her humble origins. Her father would teach her small things such as fishing, hunting, and the art of using a blade with efficiency. Ezme and her family can trace their heritage as far back as to when Helena was constructed, building their farmstead away from all others in an effort to remain independent; with all else before then lost with the past. Through rigorous accomplishments to the rush of Arcas from Atlas, her family line begun in the outskirts of the new capitol Helena. As time passed, the world continued as the farmstead and its occupants were forgotten to the world. Due to the seclusion in the occupation of the small farmstead, Ezme had little in the ways of contact with the outside world. Ezme always had dreams of traveling the unknown world and shared her passions with her father who, though fearing for her safety, wished her the best in life. Regrettably, Johna never got to see the day come. Johna passed from an unexpected illness 18 years after the Conquest of Ruswick began. Ezme’s mother, Alegra, was a simple housewife. Alegra carried out chores and daily activities while never speaking much on her past. Alegra had a subtle air around her, compelling her family to make her proud. Through all that happened in her time at the farmstead, Alegra never seemed to waiver to fear or oppressive ideas; and as such, passed this on to her beloved child. Though, through a grievous encounter with the sorrow of losing Johna, Alegra slowly passed away from the loss of her partner. Even in her diminished state Alegra passed on her last piece of wisdom to her child before she drew her last breath, telling her to follow her ambitions. Employing her to make what she will in life and to “never to look back, as you cant see where you are going, if you never look in front of you.” Leaving her childhood home, all shes ever known, Ezme now travels alone, looking for her place in the world.
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