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  1. Discord: Icyalite #0811 Bid: Red Empress – 2k
  2. Discord: Icyalite#0811 Skins / Bid: Red Empress – 1k Lonely Valentines – 1.5k Fancy Boi – 1.5k
  3. Name: Icyalite Stormbringer IGN: Icyalte Where you hail from: Morsgrad
  4. Mcname: Icyalite Rpname: Icyalite Stormbringer Hail from: Morsgrad / The Highland Realm
  5. Icyalite


    Icyalite was raised by a poor family in Morsgrad, because of their status she developed a very strong close relationship with her parents. Despite barely being able to pay bills, her parents would try to barter, and even rarely buy books for her to read. She always enjoyed sitting under the Ashwood tree, while reading her books. Something that she always struggled with however, was her heterochromia. She always felt ashamed of them, and wished to look like everyone else. After dire times in Morsgrad, her parents had to pick up shifts in the mines to pay their bills. Consequently the poor condi
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