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  1. After hearing this, the waldenian would smile and prepare for war
  2. sorry I‘m stupid (IGN): Godric_Felton Name of contender: Siegfried von Calw Nicknames of contender or notable features, i.e. nationality, age, occupation, etc. (for nickname purposes): Wüstenfuchs
  3. GodricFelton


    Siegfried was born as the son of a veteran near Ves. His early childhood was shaped by training lessons, as his strict father wanted to make a brave warrior out of his little son, who quickly learned some techniques and how to fight with swords and axes. Once he was old enough for his biggest dream, he took all important looking things with him and left his parent's house as it's normal for young men. "It ist time for an Abenteuer!" he mumbled to himself with a bright smile. After a long way Siegfried then arrived at the nearest city. Right at the entrance they were 2 strange man
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