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    It begins as a rugged highlander of little confidence. Being born in the filth of a swamp near “The Talus Grove” as my father was off at war fighting for Orenian empire. My mother bled out as she screamed for help while she was giving birth to me in the mud. A mysterious traveler with a red/black cloak tended to my mother as she was dying, my mother pushed me into the traveler’s hands and she descended into darkness. The traveler took care of me until my father came back from war. By then I was five years old, and my father noticed that I was in tears often. He then proceeded to train me harshly, and often I remember being sore with miscellaneous bruises all over my body. Ten years of training later, I was besting my own father, whether it be academics or athletics. At that point I had made a group of friends but by far my best friend is Nikola, we often would often train and push each other to be better. Five years later, I am now off to fight the same holy war.
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