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    Photios was born in Morsgrad to Tullia and Valens Velina . Tullia and Vallens were farmers of the working class. They made little money and spent most of their time working in the fields. That did not matter though because they were deeply in love with each other. One Day a war broke out. Photios father was sent to war as an order. Tullia would have to run the farm along with Photios. The war would eventually be known as AIS war. A war of independent states vs Oren. Unfortunately Photios’s father would never return. Tullia longed for the day her love would return. The only thing that kept Tullia from slipping away was Photios. Every night Tullia would teach Photios how to read and write. They had very little reading material but it was how they sent their spare time when they were not in the field. Photios found a love for reading and writing. For the most part they were unaffected by the war until it reached their backyard. The farm was destroyed and Tullia was killed in a raid of their farm. Photios was in the fields hiding when it all happened. When they left Photios saw his mother lying dead in the house. Heart broken he buried his mother. His only family. Photios found the spot where his family kept their money and fled Morsgrad for he had nothing left. Photios fled to Savinna he was deeply depressed but he found a way to channel his depression, through writing. He started his new life now doing what he loved and the only thing he had left... writing.
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