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    Ardryll Gostaith was born near Haense in the wheat fields. His father was a merchant from Sutica, who travelled all around Arcas. His mother died during his childbirth. His father had to travel very frequently, so he was raised by a priest in Haense. He has elf-like ears, so it's believed that his grandfather was a wood elf. At the age of 15 he felt very interested in history and literature, so he stole a few books which he then returned without anyone noticing. Nowadays he wants to travel around the world like his father did and become a cultured man. He also wants to join the army, so he’s planning to contact the Marshal of Haense. He really likes to walk around Haense or around Sutica, a city that really loves. If he isn’t reading books or walking around you will find him in The Crows Heart Inn, where he likes to spend the evenings. Every Sun’s Smile, Ardryll goes to the Basilica of the Fifty Virgins to pray. He was thinking to buy a house, and thinks the house in Amelya Avenue VII in Haense will be a perfect home for him.
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