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    On the fifteenth day of Jula in Kaedrin, Gage was born an only child. However, Gage was not necessarily "expected". Growing up in a poor family, he was forced to work at a young age and didn't have much of a childhood, leading to him being more of an independent person. Wanting a break from the constant work, Gage often snuck off to do things he enjoyed, but usually was punished in return if his parents found out. Gage's Highlander parents weren't exactly the best. After one mishap, they would threaten him and even abuse him: mentally, physically, and verbally. As Gage got older and noticed how unfair this labor was, he started to rebel against his parents more, leading to "bad behavior" and a lack of social interaction. This rebellion left permanent marks and scars on his body to this day that remind him of the hard past that he had to endure. At the age of sixteen, Gage's parents had had enough of him, and decided to kick him out. They figured that he was old enough to take care of himself. In turn, Gage spent many nights on the streets, and was often caught by local authorities for theft and hiding on private property. Due to this, his parents were called, and he returned home to the abuse. One random day after Gage had snuck out of his home after his parents talked to him about becoming a grenadier, he was killing time in the local market, a random woman approached him with a white envelope with a golden seal. The letter was short and sweet, stating "Enjoy." and was filled to the brim with money. Gage took this opportunity to move to a different land. Already, he was happier, but was still weary and anxious of being in a new setting. Now, he continues his journey of survival while searching for work, food, and shelter.
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