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    A well matured, ex sea thieve. Spent most of his time sailing under pirate banner. He was the only child in his family, but he wasn’t born in a family that could boast their riches, therefore he had to help his up bringers, his old mother and stepfather ever since he was 7, he would steal from local bakeries, just to get a loaf of bread for his family, although he never told his mother about it. He knew deep inside that he had to do his best to make his mother be proud of their only child. Most of his younger years was a local fisherman, but when a opportunity presented itself, being only 12 years old he joined a crew under mysterious captain that promised unknown riches and wealth. Being a young man with unrealistic dreams, he trusted it. All the treasures that were promised turned out to be a jar of bourbon and that’s if the haul was plentiful, on bad days, he would miss the old peaceful days in his village, fishing salmon. He came back to the shore, after over 20 years of not seeing his family to find his home pillaged and his family nowhere to be found. Now he hopes to find the rest of the crew that has separated across the continent and hopefully start something going or maybe even start a thing of his own...Maybe it’s time to be a proper well behaved man, or maybe his vendetta against his killed family might sway him astray. He is currently 35 years old.
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