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    Born in a Small Farming Town, Marcus Redardus was the only child to Mister and Missus Redardus. They were an average family, selling veggies and animal meat to the traders that came by. He never believed in a higher power as his family hated that people would do good just to gain a better afterlife. Soon, the town crops would face droughts unlike anything the townspeople seen before. Most packed up and wait for the next caravan to the Sutica. However, Marcus’s family chose to stay and look after the dying crops and abandoned homes in case the droughts ever let up. But they never did. Both Marcus’s parents died after they attempted to get water for the crops. Marcus, now twenty five, started to travel and look for land to settle and live out his days... The town has become abandoned, and nature reclaimed the land that his parents died for. Hoping to start a trading house on the route to Talon’s Grotto, he starts his adventure, doing his best to find a safe area and trying to come up with ways to defend this small trading hut, if he’ll have the courage to complete his dream of course...
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