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  1. Faye Cares About Your Feelings! Therapy for Halflings Are you feeling isolated, misunderstood, angry, or depressed? Do you ever have trouble understanding your emotions or working through your problems? Do you ever need someone to talk to? Please, do not suffer alone. Studies show that when a halfling attends therapy, the village as a whole is happier. And I, Faye Goodbarrel, your local halfling therapist, am willing to help! If you need to talk to me, please fill out the form below. My office in Goodbarrel Burrow is a safe space; all halflings are welcome. I will listen and talk
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    Born in the Orenian city of Helena, Faye Goodchild was oldest child of Anna and Pepin Goodchild, the proprietors of a struggling grocery stall. Being some of the only halflings living in a human city, the Goodchilds had few friends, and Faye's closest friend was her younger brother Henry. In their early years, Henry and Faye liked to scam and steal from bigguns (the halfling word for tall people) to help earn extra money for their parents. Constantly made fun of by the human children for worshipping the halfling pumpkin god Knox, Faye and Henry's closeness can be attributed to them having nob
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