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  1. KindomOfHubris_


    Theman (Teh-mahn) is a 22 year old human. He is currently roaming, traveling South to visit Savoy, making friends along the way, looking for a place he can call home and people who accept him for who he is. He loves to make music, dance, play, and explore, stagnation is one of his biggest dislikes as he loves new situations and change. His parents passed when he was 15, leaving him and his sibling to fend for themselves and him to take on the role of a parent for them. His biggest regret is not saying goodbye to them before they left to visit his grandmother on her death bed. He is insecure about his lack of family relations and does not prefer to speak about himself but is a very good listener and helper. His main goal in life is to find a family for himself be it friends or partner(s) and settle down somewhere. He has a mole under his right eye and a scar on his left wrist from breaking it in a fall when he was a child. He loves the color blue and tends to wear it more often than not, even if he is wearing another color, he likes to have a bit of this color on him as it reminds him of his mother. Her favorite color was blue and she gave him a necklace she received from his father when they first began courting each other. It is a simple silver chain with a dark blue pendant in the shape of a tear drop that he wears under his shirt at all times, it is his most treasured item.
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