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    Pernicorn was born near The Holy Orean Empire. He grew up in a loving family of 4. They lived in a small hut in the woods. The woods was owned by one of the nearby castle owners. They did not have enough money to pay the rent. So when he was 10 his father left to earn money. But he never returned. His mother and his other sibling tried searching for him, but with limited resources and money they ended with nothing. He was the oldest man in the family, this ment he had to work hard even as a 10-15 year old. He worked multiple jobs but ended up becoming the apprentice of a ranger. He learned many usefull skills. Such as, hiding, traveling unseen, reading marks and shooting his bow. When he was 18 his sibling was old enough to care for the family. Pernicorn had the dream of finding his father ever since he left. His mother had never been te same since father left. She had been a shell of her old bright self. He started traveling around the world looking for clues. but after searching for many months he learned new things about himself. Talking and listening we're one of his biggest skills, people felt comfortable with him and did not mind talking with him. Now his goal was to find father and help people who need a talk.
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