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    You’ve just arrived in a swampy, dim town. As you look around, your gaze is met with shacks and cabins. It smells of rotted wood and wet moss. You duck and step into a tattered tent, illuminated by a series of candles suspended in the air. At the back of the tent, an old hag raises her head, “What brings you to this dingy town? she begins, then pauses to study your face—”Ah, it’s you. I’ve been expecting you. Sit,” she gestures at a cushion, “Tell me your story.” ((How do you respond?)) As your eyes adjust to the light, you take in your surroundings. You stare at the floating candles in amazement, real magic; right Infront of your eyes! Your eyes rest upon the dingy old woman, as you reminisce on your journey that brought you here. "I am Waldgrim Hartornn, son of Aelgrid. I have travelled from a nameless village from a nameless place. I seek adventure and glory among those I may call comrades. My journey here has not been without sacrifice." you say to her. You look down at the floor, remembering those hard, hard times. Those... you had to kill. Your mind goes to a dark place. Before you sink any deeper you look back at her. "What do you mean, you have been excepting me?" You say with a curious tone.
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