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    Born to a large family of at least 11 other cave-dwarven children (his parents would rarely bother to keep an accurate count), Koshi found himself largely without a purpose in this world. Though Sutica prides itself on being a multicultural paradise, whether by chance or fate he’d rarely come into contact with others of his kind. Though he’d eventually find it, it wasn’t immediately found on the roads in and around Sutica. Caravan work, more accurately just holding a sword and acting menacing towards those found on the roadside, paid well for someone uneducated. Never one for fighting beyond what’s necessary, he would eventually find what truly excited him: gambling! With years passing by him and his cash constantly flowing out of his pocket due to his terrible luck, he still travels and works alongside the trading caravans (usually from the borders of his home country up north, to Agnarum and rarely to the Duchy of Adria) just to make up for the next thrilling gamble. Often in terrible, terrible debt, with less than a couple hundred mina on him on most days.
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