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    -Human -Male -Empire of Man -Imperial State Army veteran -Farmer/Craftsman -Follower of the Church of Canon. -Only-child, deceased parents. Growing up in the former Highlander city of St. Karlsburg, fought in the Great Northern War. Issac’s father was a craftsman and a holy man, had a great relationship with Issac until he left to join the military. Issac’s mother died during childbirth, leaving Issac to be an only child. He has a passion for nature, a desire for married life, and is a skilled warrior. Ascribed the nickname “the Black” because of the charcoal-colored armor he wore into battle, as well as the many unholy actions he performed. Issac has slain many men and innocents alike and has deep regrets of his past actions; most nights he still relives the tortured memories of previous battles. Forced to retire after suffering a severe stab wound to his upper thigh, caused by a lance while on the receiving end of a cavalry charge. Has novice levels of knowledge on farming from his fellow soldiers, but has never actually done it himself. Still tries to keep in contact with friends he made during his service when he can, but mostly prefers solitude. Aging, wartorn, and fatigued, Issac seeks to find solace in seclusion on his farm in the highlands.
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