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  1. Voidal

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    +1 Knows lots of lore things. What a nerd.
  2. Username Izkuthii, Iryllix Timezone EST Group/Nation: Warhawkes, Sutica, Izkuthii Have you ever held a staff position before? Yes, I've been an ET builder and I'm currently an ET actor. Have you ever been banned before? I have not. What style do you prefer to build in? Dungeons, caves, creatures, organics, terrain, wooden structures, stone structures. Are you comfortable using World Edit commands? I am. I use it to create most of my builds. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list: Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy https://imgur.com/a/Cs6yc - Creature https://imgur.com/a/rNjWT - Terrain https://imgur.com/a/98CDS - Terrain Explain what you feel results in a quality build I think detail is a strong part of a build. Being able to tell what specific areas and structures is a keen quality that I value in a build, and it could help the viewers to better understand the scenery around it. Why do you wish to become an Event Team Builder? I want to be able to create nicely built stages for several events. I believe we have a bit of a shortage on builders at the moment so I wanted to be able help with that. What are your strengths and weaknesses? One of my strengths would be the amount of detail and expansive tricks that I know about building which I provide whenever I intend on building a nice structure. One of my weaknesses might be the amount of time it takes me to build something, however it does depend on the amount of time I have to do so and the scale of the build. How much time could you give this position in the foreseeable future? A few hours a day, or so.
  3. +1 Heck yes, he's pretty creative
  4. Voidal

    [Denied][W] AlphaPie's Game Moderator Application

    +1 alpha is one of the nicest people I know and would make a wonderful addition to the team.
  5. Username Izkuthii Discord Voidal#6192 Timezone EST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Warhawkes Staff History I've previously been an ET Builder. Ban History None. Blacklist History: None. What do you want to join the Event Team? I would like to create well thought out and meaningful events that can be attended by different player groups and appeal to different player bases. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I believe I can offer a large span of creative ideas for the players and use this as an outlet in order to form amusing events for anyone. I enjoy working together with others and I would love to offer my help to other actors. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Dungeons, quests, bounties, lighthearted events, merchant events, hunts. What makes a good event? I think the first thing would be a well thought out and planned storyline or general idea which will allow for the event to remain persistent throughout. I think taking time to plan is the best thing you can do with your preparation in order to diminish stress and tension for yourself. The next would be being able to deal with the stress that you may receive from unsatisfied players and the constant flow of emotes from the other end. If you are not very consistent with this, the event may fall out of a smooth flow which might add even more stress for the actor. Finally, being able to keep emotes clear and understandable for the audience. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: A book vendor's tale - - - An old woman, clad with colourful and vibrant robes travels the roads of Atlas with a certain spark of excitement. Upon her journey, she accompanied by a large pulling cart that displays a variety of well crafted books and documents. They house strands of interesting riddles, said to act as a sort of "map" for readers to figure out and explore. These tales point individuals to different places around the realm where they may uncover hidden dungeons, terrifying creatures ready to be harvested for their produce and much more. This character will be used as a full, up front interaction will players. This offers a lead to up smaller events depending on which books are chosen. Each book will have a riddle and then several hints that help players find the event site in which they may interact with soon after. Rise of the Sea Bed Temple - - - During a night's gloomy reign, the ocean seems to grow distressed with explosive waves that collide with the shoreline in a booming, periodic parade. Beneath the sea floor, a temple sewed and woven with wondrous architecture rises from the sand and misty depths of the deep blue. Once fracturing through the horizon, it seems to place itself atop a short plateau. Rocks crumble at its sides, making any nearby exploration tedious and somewhat difficult. Upon the surface of the plateau lies the temple, accompanied by pillars and other interesting ruins. The overall nature seems to be serene with previous aquatic life, though growing barren in the sun's heat. Exposed life is a rare sight, though who says it's simply true? The odd footstep, stomp or wail chimes from the corridors of the sea palace, waiting to be found or sought out by the buzzing individuals that have the chance to walk the mysterious halls. This would be a dungeon based event where players will have to work through different areas of the temple and will receive the chance to uncover different secrets and history throughout the ruins. I'd like this to appeal to several player groups and allow them to work at getting through the dungeon. Ariza's Alchemy Bazaar - - - A large tent possessing swaying lanterns, statues of dragons and other odd trinkets seems to have popped up out of nowhere. Ariza, a young woman, seems to own and use this tent for her intricate alchemy business. Those who seem to be interested may visit her for specific and one of a kind potions that strike their fancy. Upon initiation, she will grant you a list of ingredients she will need. They could be simple herbs all the way to items acquired from strong beasts. The players will have to collect these ingredients for Ariza in order for the potions to be crafted. I will be using this to offer players a list of items that they can receive through doing smaller events. I would like to set up different stages, whether it be just for herbs or some sort of combat field as mentioned. It'd be some sort of merchant/trade event that I'd do every so often, or whenever I get a group of players that are interested. The potions will be focused on minor effects (ex: A potion that makes your skin sparkle for x amount of time.) By no means will these potions offer the ability for the players to become overpowered in any form.
  6. +1 Crinky would definitely make a great addition to the team
  7. Voidal

    [Accepted] Astarrex's Application Team Application

    +1 Very kind, hardworking and nice to be around. I think she would do a great job at welcoming new faces.
  8. Voidal

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    Malin's city v2.0 bringing back big boi Gazardiael
  9. Voidal

    silkrose's wiki team app

    Yes, yes, yes +1 from me! She's very kind, hardworking and overall a great person! I think she would make a great addition.
  10. Voidal

    [Denied]A Banned player goes for GM?

    quality eboy pls accept +1
  11. Voidal

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Trickin

    Those mistakes won't come up for me for some reason. I'll post a doc, and if it still needs to be fixed I'll just mess around with it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tZO1Flv5iYgofflTRH3_U_nafDZHN5pkmYeUf2sCXgc/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Current username: Trickin Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Trickin'#6192 Timezone(s) you mainly play: EST What group/nation do you consider to be your main? Warhawkes Have you held a staff position before? I’ve been an ET Builder as well as a moderator on a different server. Do you currently hold a staff position? I do not. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? Not at the moment. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? I haven’t been banned. What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) Quests, dungeons, Lighthearted events, hunts/bounties, and merchant events. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. I believe a strong storyline, and plan is needed as it creates consistency, and takes part in the foundation of a great event. It will create appeal, and attraction to the players which is needed in order to actually be able to host said event. Being able to handle altering situations if something doesn’t go the way you wanted or planned is also important in order to continue a steady drift while doing an event because it keeps the players interested. Finally, offering a variety of events that appeal to every player, and focusing on every group. Sticking to one type of event (example: PvE events) may eliminate preference to players who are not fond of the idea, and I believe that everyone should be included instead of focusing on one or two groups constantly. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? Most likely Elrith. He seems interested, calm, and consistent when doing events. He also thinks up great ideas, and shows a lot of creativity. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: The Labyrinth: (Dungeon event) Word upon the streets bearing a strange fable about a so called dungeon would swiftly make its way ear to ear throughout the lands of Atlas. It’s whereabouts would present itself with little information, if not hidden entirely, and kept for personal greed for those who seek it’s rumoured treasures. The tale tells a story about a grand door, weathered by age, and time that grants access to crumbling crypts, and slithering alleyways. It’s puzzling paths would be accompanied by blighted creatures, and skeletons of meer travelers who were foolish enough to travel the trails, only to find themselves serving in protection of the maze through their unfortunate demise. Furthermore, if one would be as lucky to find such a place, they would be greeted by a voice, one in which will instruct, and survey them closely if they wish to test it’s master, and retrieve the reward. Those who are deemed worthy by said individual shall be granted passage. One would not seek safety in these depths, as it houses many tricks, and entails many lies. Family Heirloom (Bounty) An elderly woman, clad in dusty, tattered robes and thinning features would be seen plastering posters, and papers on every board, and roadway sign she could find. The fine ink would vaguely mention the unfortunate series of events where a malicious harpy had stolen a valued item from the elder upon her travels. She now wishes for it to be returned to her through a group of strong individuals (group of 3-5) that may be able to do such by slaying the creature, and reclaiming the wanted belongings. One would need to contact the woman through a letter, and rendezvous for further information. Plucking the citizens (Lighthearted event) A large Simorgh would begin to circle (selected city) in search for its prey, endangering the city’s citizens with it’s ornate abilities. Their truest, and most devoted warriors would have to step forth in courage, and confidence to defeat such a beast. The bird would be large, and strong enough to pick up those weighing an orc’s average size using it’s sharp, gripping talons. If killed, those participating will be able to collect spoils from the avian. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? I want to become an ET actor because I would like to offer a variety of different events that appeal to a large span of players, and offer more role-play for those who are interested. What strengths would you bring to the team? I’m always thinking of ideas, and have a widespread amount of creativity in which I can use to think up events. I can also help those who needs an extra person if wanted. I feel as if I can be consistent, and calm when doing an event. What are your weaknesses? One of my weaknesses is being unsure of myself when it comes to a few things. I tend to juggle ideas, and avoid asking questions when needed. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? Most likely about 3-4 hours during weekdays, and most of the day on weekends or days off.
  13. Voidal

    [Denied] Lock's FM Application

    +1 from me, he's mature, kind and overall a great person
  14. Voidal

    [Denied] Cornivore's AT Application

    +1 give this boy a chance!