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  1. Yeah, why don’t other people just “pick up the can”?
  2. A1Z26 Cipher tells us that the numbers most likely say “CONTROLLING NARRATIV”. And yes, it is missing an E, looks like even a code has bad grammar. idk about the rest. edit: nevermind there is an E, it just throws one off, because it ends with a 50 where the 0 is useless
  3. This is literally a description of democracy...
  4. xDK

    Bee Movie Play

    When you succeed, the bee movie will be cannon
  5. Who cares at this point? If the people who have opposed Oren have been bullied off the server, what’s the point in giving a ****? I’m gonna heat some popcorns, sit back in my chair, and watch the drama in realtime!
  6. Is it illegal. No. Is it ethically correct. No. What do you expect to happen?
  7. A DnD’esque system was introduced in Vailor, it quickly got shelved as it was hard to balance. I don’t think RP combats drawback can be summed down to it having no objective metric, since that could also be considered one of the upsides to that style. In PvP, the outcome is black and white, there is a winner and a loser, meaning one party doesn’t have any character development in that scenerio. However in RP combat there doesn’t have to be a winner or a loser, which makes for better character development on both parties. The biggest reason RP combat is currently so bad, is because
  8. Limited Offer Ended! Anyone above this post will get the limited offer ^
  9. One time offer on my Character 3D Art Shop, if anyone wants a cool render of their character.. Limited offer

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. xDK


      The limited offer is over, they are now 1000 minas.

    3. Tigergiri


      oh thats petty cash give me a second

      1000 just once or per character?

    4. xDK


      Per render 🙂

  10. Unlocked The artwork will be unlocked upon payment ingame: 1000 minas
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