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  1. The Helena Livery Meeting, 1745 Lord Mayor Jacques Calvet Following is a very short summary of this week’s Livery meeting. Memorial to the war of two Emperors The chess board, located in the town square will be henceforth relocated to the location of the city park, in its place a memorial dedicated to the war of two emperors will be reconstructed. The monument was previously a well known and powerful monument, but it unfortunately never came to fruition with the reconstruction of the city. Vote Passed Reconstructing the Slums The old slums in Helena have, for a long time, remained abandoned. A chamber pot, home only to squatters and tax evading brigands alike. Additionally, the rotting, dry and unsupervised wooden homes prove to be a fire hazard. As a result, the district remains entirely unproductive towards the cities interest. Thusly, the entire district will be demolished and a new, much nicer district will be constructed upon its remains. Vote Passed Steward Sign The signpost which provided citizens with information on how to contact your local steward was demolished during some renovation, as such a new steward sign will be built in the town square. Vote Passed Long live the emperor, Ave Oren
  2. “It’s of the highest honor to be here today. I vow to bring prosperity and safety to the people of our fair city. As mayor, Helena will have a bright future” -Jacques Calvet, 1744
  3. Discord: Radiomess Faction: New Kansas Republic
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