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  1. Mixed feelings on that but I have mixed feelings on the server's secondary roleplay applications in general. The huge number of golem apps turning up in search boggles the mind a little although I guess it is several years worth of them.
  2. University. Right now I'm just seeing how everything is. Also what is this "golem app"? and why are there pages upon pages of them
  3. Voiding anvils is probably a good thing. It made it less about the characters and more about people who could make the characters. EDIT: Apparently I did that. "Lightningbound" golems were just the early concept for golems without souls. That concept was implemented as Thanhic Golems in Anthos. Sounds like you mean something else though. Multi-core just doesn't make sense. That'd be like a car with four steering wheels.
  4. I'm not that surprised to hear that. So onto the most important detail. what have they done to my golems
  5. Any of the other old problems fixed or is it same story different faces? i don't know who you are j/k but srsly give me a name i'll recognise ostensible old true friend of banter and bickering
  6. How big are we talking here?
  7. Figured I'd stick my head 'round the door (again) and see how things are going here. Looks like a lot of things have changed since I was last active in late 2013 (lots of new faces in senior staff positions) and lots of things haven't (I'm genuinely surprised the Asulon warclaim and raid system survived six years). For those of you who've been around long enough to remember me (if you don't I explained it in the thread I linked) how's the server changed in the last few years? Did the problems with inactive admins get solved in the end? Did the server finally find a map size people are happy with or is it still oscillating between huge and tiny? Have there been any ground breaking changes in the server running or the lore in last four years? And most importantly are all the world names still Ancient Greek words beginning with A?