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  1. Government of Al-Faiz! The government ot Al-Faiz is divided into Six branches, the four Wizarats(Ministries), the Military and the religious authority. Each Wizarat has a Wazir(minister)who will head it, these Wazirs, the Amir of the army and Grand Imam will form a council that will be presided over by the Grand Wazir(or Grand Vizier, meaning Prime Minister). The Council operates as representatives of the Sheikh, carrying out his will and maintaining the Sheikhdom. Sheikh The Sheikh is the absolute power within the Sheikhdom, his will is law and his command absolute, all members of the government act as his representatives in whatever capacity he deems fit. Sheikh: Ibraheem Ibn Bashar Kharadeen (ibraheemc2000) Grand Wazir The Grand Wazir presides over the council, ensuring all the different branches of the government carry out their duties while also keeping a watchful eye over all matters of state, in this capacity he is considered the right hand of the Sheikh. Grand Vizier: Ameen Al-Nabeel (_AquaticWolf_) Wizarat Al-Maaliah [Ministry Of Finance] The Ministry Of Finance Manages all financial affairs of the Sheikhdom, this includes the market, taxes, maintaining a treasury, as well as organizing funds to be used by the other government branches to aid in their respective functions. Minister of Finance: Ameen Al-Nabeel Tax collector: Finance secretary: Wizarat Ad-Dakhiliah [Ministry of Interior] The Ministry of Interior manages all interior affairs of the Sheikhdom, this includes the organization of the town, stewardship, and the planning of new development projects. Minister of Interior: Osman Kharadeen (RhythmRhymE) Steward: Architect: Wizarat Al-Kharijiah [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is tasked with pursuing the Sheikhdom's interests abroad and maintaining it's alliances. Minister of Foreign Affairs: Fatima Roshani Ul’Ihram Al-Nabeel (Wyrdsister666) Ambassador(x2): Wizarat Al-Adl [Ministry of Justice] The Ministry of Justice is the judicial branch of the government, they act as judges and occasionally organize investigations into the various branches of government to ensure there are no traces of corruption. Minister of Justice: Judge(x2): Amir [Commander of the Sheikhdom's Guard] The Amir is tasked with maintaining and leading the Sheikhdom's guard, as well as ensuring the town's defences are secured and the Sheikh's authority is not challenged. Amir: Khalid Al-Nabeel (Nestro_Miner) Guard captain: Grand Imam The Grand Imam is the Sheikhdom's religious authority, he is to maintain the faith, mediate as Judge, and plays a crucial role in most Qalasheen events. Grand Imam: Imam(x2): Harian Secret Service[HSS] Very little is known about this Unofficial Branch of the Government other than the fact that is acts as the covert arm of the Sheikhdom.
  2. Ameen Al-Nabeel would Sheathe his Sabre upon hearing the chanting of his people, ”Subhanallah!” He exclaims as he goes to prostrate, upon rising from prostration he would look around him, noticing the numerous dead, ”I am sorry, Rafiqi, i left non alive for you to enjoy.” He says with a smirk as he looks over to his friend.
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