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    Margarette Pennell is a stereotypical human child, born in the city of Marna. Both her mother and father were legionaries of Marna, and Margarette enjoyed a stable, loving household for most of her life. However, at the age of 14, her mother mysteriously vanished one day whilst on a hunt for a strigae that had been plauging Renatus-Marna for a long time. The disappearance killed Margarette and her father, causing the both to sink into a huge well of depression, which eventually led to Margarette deciding one day that she wanted to find her mother. Her father told her that it was a stupid endeavor, and locked her in a room for weeks, but eventually she broke out and has been on the run ever since. Her only goal, find out what happened to her mother’s life, even if it means killing a strigae.
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