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    Many years after the great war between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the reformed Kingdom of Oren, Eldain was born to Alzure, a high council member, and Naziel, a priestess in the old City of Leyulin. His family was exiled from their tribe due to his parents being exposed for having relations with dwarves, in which the tribe was strictly opposed to Non-Elf contact. His family flees southwards until they found a small human town where they could stay. His family was severely discriminated upon by the humans due to them being elves. By the time he was 23, His small cottage was burnt down and his parents were murdered. He never really found the true culprits of this crime, but he always believed it was the men of the town. This Flamed the hatred towards mankind inside of him, vowing his revenge on all of them When was 45 he was taken in by an elderly man who he came to trust and made his father figure. He learned that he was an ex captain of the royal guards, that was sadly dishonorably discharged due to his failure of saving innocent lives. Eldain was taught by the Old man how to do, hand to hand combat and archery. A couple years later the old man died, due to his weak health. Soon after that Eldain left the place he called his own, and went off on a journey to discover and understand who he is meant to be. He disguises himself as a human to avoid being discriminated against. While not truly having a hatred towards humans or the elves anymore, he isn't very trusting of others. Rather enjoys his solitude and seclusion, He does help those in need from time to time, but wouldn't exactly describe himself as a hero. He isn't the nicest of people, and usually a bit rude at first introductions, but has a good heart and wants to prove himself to those who he honors and those who despise him.