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  1. Looking for a skinner to skin my Orc, will pay with Minas. PM me on Discord (Jack.#2313) if you're interested.

  2. (IC) Name: Jack Harris Age: 18 Race: Human (Highlander) Place of Residence: N/A Occupation: Soldier/Footman Experience: Inexperienced Will you swear an oath of allegiance?: Yes (OOC) MC Name: jackhappy Discord Name: Jack.#2313 Do you accept a PK clause?: Yes
  3. Jack01124


    Jack Harris was born in 1640 in the Kingdom of Haense, in the north of the Tahn continent in Axios. When he was three years old, his family traveled to Atlas and settled down in a cottage in the forest to the east of the Czena river. His mother was a hunter and his father was a lumberjack. They would often take Jack to work with them, allowing him to achieve above average physical strength and learn hunting and woodcutting at an early age. His parents went on trips to the city of Haense to sell their materials, but never took Jack with them. His childhood was not a happy one, since his father had physically abused both him and his mother. Jack didn't have much social interaction except with his parents and some travelers. When he wasn't working for his parents, he would steal books from his father to read about culture, professions and hunting. After Jack's mother died when he was 17, his father became increasingly abusive. On a cold night, Jack escaped his father and fled to Haense. There, he begins his search for work and goal to distract him from his past.