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    Azvar Dragonslayer grew up in the underworld and he was being trained to hunt but he refused to hunt anything just wanted to be a peaceful guy and wanted nothing to do with the orcs way of doing things. Azvar Dragonslayer one of the few decedents of Krug and being a decedent of Krug was tough on him because the orcs were looking to him for guidance, aid and comfort which he didn't provide so his father had to take his place and he wasn't too happy about having to take his son's place all because he refused to lead the orcs. Azvar Dragonslayer trained in his own way he refused to be raised in the way of the orcs, he left the underworld and decided to live among the humans which wasn't easy they were discriminating against him. The rest of the orcs decided to hunt and kill humans with or without Azvar, they went to the village where he was staying Avzar got his blade out and killed the orcs one by one until the village was safe. Azvar Dragonslayer lives in a nice cabin if there's any disturbance or an attack somewhere he'll be there fighting to the death he won't stop til the job is done.
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    Azvar DragonSlayer earned his place among the Orcs of the Iron Uzg when he was 18. When he was a child his parents disowned him and he was raised by humans.