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    Reeve is an outstandingly beautiful woman derived from a loving family that lived in a farm far away from the cities. Her father was a lawful owner of a big farm, there he he generated golden coins by selling crops, milk and lots of natural goodies to the city nearby. Reeve grew up in nature between the plants, her life taught her how to be forgiving, loving and mostly respectful. Her long years in the farm made her a soft but smart personality since she developed a habit of sneaking into her father’s room and reading everything that is readable. Reeve loved her life but she wasn’t satisfied, being curious made her starve to see the outside world. What is it like to live in a big city? What do people do there?.. All these questions kept spinning in her mind every time she goes to sleep, however her parents weren’t glad when she asked them. They were always overprotective and wanted her to spend the rest of her life with them in the farm, but Reeve didn’t comply. One day she packed her clothes, stuffed her purse with the golden coins she earned from taking care of the animals and ran off from the village. She was so excited to discover what lays beyond. But can she survives? That’s what we’ll found out ingame.
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