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    Character Biography Luke Herrington Luke Herrington was born in the town of Minas Tirith where he had two parents, his mother went by the name "Anelia Herrington" and his father "Damien Herrington". He'd also be accompanied by a brother who went by the name "Alexander Herrington". During the 'Battle for Minas Tirith Beggins' where the Orc army approached and attempted to destroy/conquer the town. Luke's father was used as an infantry man who was equipped with chain mail and metal armour as well as a shield and wooden spear with an iron tip. When the infantry arrived at the walls the 'cannon balls' could be heard crashing against the walls, at this point and time Luke was 16 and hadn't ever even thought of the possibility of a war or even a battle, his mentality at this point and time would've kept him shaking and in complete fear of what's to come. Luke's father (Damien) was posted up onto the wall as well as his band of brothers beside him, they watched in awe as the Orc army showed no hesitation and continued to fire their 'Rocks' at the structure, slowly causing it to decompose as each strike also lowered their courage... The roars.. The shouts.. The screams were all keeping Damien focused and in thought about what would happen to his Wife and Children if these Filthy beast did make it in. Hours passed as Damien continued to fight for not only his life but his families also. All of a sudden as Damien struck his sword down onto an Orc it was a moment too late.. The Orc struck it's blade directly into Damien's heart, causing it to impale directly through and then result in a major burst of blood to spew out. Damien in shock and awe would fall to his knees as the Orc shifted his bloody blade out. Damien would fall straight onto his back, hearing the cries and screams of women and children around him. Damien would pass away... Leaving Luke, Anelia and his dear brother Alexander alone, stranded in a town full of Orcs and corpses. This is the point and time where Luke would acquire his great skill of stealing. As the Orc guards patrolled up and down the streets, day and night. Him and the remainder of his family would constantly contemplate on ways to escape. Before one fateful hour Luke saw an Orc guard enter his home to rest for the night, unaware of the family upstairs. The Orc fell asleep as Luke brought himself up to the task of taking a map and the weapons that he'd left on the table beside him. Luke went down the stairs as he grasped both before the Orc heard a noise and slightly awoke. In panic Luke let out a scream before striking the blunt end of the blade down onto the Orc's head repeatedly, panicking. The Orc would be dazed and confused as well as in pain before Luke luckily turned the blade to the sharp end as it pierced into the Orc's skull, killing him instantly. Luke's mother and brother would rush down to see what was going on, where they saw Luke with a bloody blade and a dead Orc beside him. His mother's heart would drop as her 15 year old child just took a life, whether or not it was just or not was up to God himself as they were Religious and loyal to 'The Church of Canon'. In the middle of the night they creaked open the door and followed the route listed on the map, avoiding Orc patrols and confrontation in general before passing the corpse of his father as it would be seen being dragged away into a pile of burning bodies. His mother would cover his eyes as she'd tear up herself and shift both the boys towards the front where they could see freedom. They made it out as days passed. His mother and his brother both settled upon the idea that they should setup a Cottage on somebody elses land and start a new life there, rather than putting themselves at risk by setting up in another huge town. Luke would remain silent throughout this whole ordeal as he'd attempt to comprehend what he had done and seen. This lowered his capability of being strong in stressful situations and further more brought his ability to lie down as he'd be constantly nervous during these. After a few more months passed they found a Taxman who allowed them to own a section of land in the Kingdom of Santegia, just on the outskirts. After a few outbursts with the Taxman as his family wasn't that wealthy (In the 'Provide three interesting facts about your character section'). As he grew older he eventually left his home and went over to the Kingdom of Renatus where his adventure will begin...
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