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    Beryl Toadfoot grew up in a typical halfing home of Reedsborough, taught to farm, fish, and enjoy life in the community. While Beryl enjoyed all of this, one thing in life always got his attention more so than anything else. Wealth. The feeling of coins and gems rolling through his hands was extremely satisfying, and he slowly grew a desire to acquire more wealth of his own as he matured. He never broke the law within Reedsborough, his mum had taught him well enough never to break halfing law... However living within the great Trade Federation of Sutica created ample opportunities for Beryl. Upon reaching the age of 27 Beryl struck out from Reedsborough in search of well paying work, whatever it may be. The bustling capital of Sutica initially offered very little work for a small halfing like Beryl, with very little knowledge of trading and unable to be much assistance in strength, Beryl began to fear that perhaps such wealth was unobtainable for a halfing. He grew desperate for a short time, searching for anything at all... anybody who'd pay for any type of work. Halfings often go unnoticed in such a bustling city, and thus often hear and see things that others might not of. Beryl learned of black market trading and darker organizations that'd pay nicely for work that could be done unseen. Beryl took to small targeted theft, stealing from caravans moving from the city, all under contracts paid for by these organizations. Beryl never stole anything extra or took anything he wasn't paid for, only accepting the wealth he'd earn from the contract. Eventually he became a solid contact for crime rings in the city after years of work whilst the Federation of Sutica was preoccupied with foreign affairs. In between jobs Beryl would return to Reedsborough to rest in his own abode and enjoy the simple things most halfings enjoy... fishing, farming, smoking and partying. However Beryl was always ready for the next contract, always happy to make more money. As time progressed his home of Reedsborough grew vacant and empty, and eventually the vacancy order came from the Federation of Sutica. Beryl packed his things and spent some time working only in the city, however he missed the simple things in life he got from living in Reedsborough between jobs. Grown tired of Sutica, and wishing to find a new village to call home, Beryl set out to Atlas. Beryl still desires to make extra wealth where he can, however seeks to find peace of mind in a new village.
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