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    Ninuski Uialben is the son of Raigar B. Uialben and Roshi Wynrel, and the brother of Eletha Wynrel. Ninuski spent his early life indoors, in the city of Sutica, reading books and inspecting trinkets, being an utter stereotypical nerd. Ninuski loved his mother, had a complicated relationship with his sister, and didn’t have much respect for his father. Ninuski suffered from lots of emotional distress, and so his outlet for that was helping others with their own complicated emotions. He wanted to study to be a man for people to expel their emotions too, but before he could, his father ‘paid’ for his studies. After Ninuski’s father paid for his schooling, Ninuski appreciated his father A LOT more. However, Raigar decided to put his child in debt for the ‘massive amounts of money required to get his schooling’ and made Ninuski work for him as a man who would listen to the problems of others, for money. He would listen to people beat by dwarves, enslaved in Krugmar, and banished from Dominion, yet he never exactly gave the most perfect advice.. Ninuski now spends his days just outside of Sutica, spending time with his father, and his father’s father.