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    Alfie, born and raised in Belvitz. Parents was middle class, not lots of money, but not too little. Life wasn't a struggle, nor was it easy. Growing up, I always dreamt of going places, doing things, many things. I wanted to explore, find magnificent people. Gain great companions to accompany me on my longsome travels across the lands. But my true intentions were to find everlasting happiness. Settle down in a place, find love. Growing up, my dreams didn't change, not in the slightest. At the age of 15 my brother was brought in to the world. We was close, but we had that stereotypical brotherly love, that love-hate relationship. Shortly after my brother was born, our mother died. She was 37, and killed by a group of bandits/raiders while me, my brother and father was out on a short journey. After this event, we had spent years in a struggle. Finding life tough... This, caused the death of our father, he died at the age of 40; the reason behind his death was unknown. All that was left, was me and my brother. Some how, we managed. Just getting by. A few months passed, and a young group, a small private army/clan took us under their wing. They shown us how to fight, hunt. All the amazing, useful things needed for out in the wilds. They took very good care of us, living a high, good life. So, that was life for a while.