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  1. Silver_State

    A Statement Of Impurity

    A mage talented in the illusionary arts cast a spell recalling the events of the day, showing all gathered mali’aheral a depiction of the average Renarion Uradir supporter during the Sohaer’s stroll through Haelun’or.
  2. Silver_State

    A Statement Of Impurity

    A high elven artist of great taste and capacity for satire sat before the posted letters. He sketched away at a caricature of the accuser, leaving his unfinished work by the documents themselves.
  3. Silver_State

    A Statement Of Impurity

    A letter was penned in response. “To the incessant, aspiring naysayer who so bravely signed his obviously drunken, midnight musings, I write to you not in anger. Your penmanship has brought me greater joy than the past three encounters we have shared in which you had wasted my time with your drivel. I write to you instead with hope that you will summarily lock your writing utensils away in some deep, nameless abyss so that you may never again make a fool of yourself through written words – your voice is damning enough. You speak of impurities and the impossibility that our society experiences in truly being rid of each and every one of them. There exists perhaps only a sliver of truth in your letter that may lend your ramblings the slightest portion of credibility. It lies in the aforementioned statement. The Silver State, in all of its previous incarnations, has never truly experienced freedom from the machinations of worthless, ill-begotten, selfish mongrels such as thyself. It is true, too, that parasites feed off of the body of our great nation – you most certainly fit the picture. Your rotten, mottled brain clearly lacks all substance save for the ability to conjure accusations born only of one’s most base, pathetic jealousies. Your unfounded criticisms of the accomplishments of an order founded naught but three elven days ago hints at a most worrying absence of any erudite acumen that might make you the least bit capable of intelligent thought. You are no child, and so I will not forfeit to you the relief a child deserves. Your accusations of homosexuality against me prove only that you have spent a great deal of time watching me from afar as I interact with dignitaries and elheial’thilln. I needn’t elaborate further upon the implications of this fact. As you so diligently observed me in great detail from a distance where no other persons could accuse you of admiring me, I spoke with delegates of foreign nations, tending to the valuable ties our sovereign nation hold with world powers. To this end, I almost find myself wishing that you were capable of higher thought – you might have learned something while watching me from the confines of a bush, or, closet rather. I will conclude with a brief comment towards the lineage you claim. Kalenz Uradir alone is to be given the respect a proper mali’aheral deserves. Let us not forget the Uradir who systematically starved his people and betrayed his state. You are but a worm whose surname is akin to a more luxurious pot with which he may hold his dirt. I have told you once, and I will tell you again, Renarion Uradir. You are in no position to parlay with me. When one plays with fire, they should expect to be burned.” -Sohaer Kiljarys Isilliath
  4. Silver_State

    The Vihai | Sentinels of the Silver State

    The Sohaer has approved this applicant to be instated at the rank of Halerir. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.
  5. Silver_State

    The Vihai | Sentinels of the Silver State

    The Sohaer has approved this applicant to be immediately instated at the rank of Vihai in recognition of past service to the Silver State.
  6. Tablets of marble may be found around the enclave of Haelun’or, painstakingly carved to detail a militant order born from the ashes of tradition and circumstance. el’Vihaian tal’Sohae The Whispers of the Maheral EL’VIHAIAN | The Whispers Beneath the regime of the ever mindful and noble Maheral of Haelun’or, the long defunct militant apparatus of the Silver State has been utterly dissolved. From its ashes rises an order anew, entasked with enforcing the will of the Maheral and elheial’thilln. The mali’aheral devotees of el’vihaian take up the sword and shield of the people, operating with ruthless efficiency to safeguard the Silver State from enemies foreign and domestic. The role of el’vihaian is twofold – to police the enclaves of the Silver State, seeking out blemishes upon mali’aheral society, and to act as extensions of the Maheral’s will in conflicts abroad. It is they who are entrusted with uprooting fonts of deviancy and impurity within the state to be swiftly exterminated in the name of elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Taking from the tradition of ancient mali’aheral sentinels, el’vihaian adopt a strict dogma of anonymity, their identities known only to elmaheral. To bloody ones blade is to welcome the impurities of wrath and violence upon oneself – forgiven only in part to their willing servitude to mali’aheral society. Revered are those who deign to wield blades of silver in the name of sovereign, state, and stability – there exists no greater sacrifice. EL’TIRAN TAL’VIHAIAN | The Code of The Whispers Adopted from the Sillumiran of Haelun’or yore, el’vihaian tal’sohae adhere to a strict code ensuring sanctity of mind, body, and duty. To forsake the code is to forsake ones legacy, purity, and life. Sworn in the audience of the Maheral, aspirant vihaian kneel afore the silver gates of the enclave before donning their uniform and never again reciting it for the duration of their service to elmaheral and elcihi. Oem | I live and die for the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or. Niut | I will protect the citizens of Haelun’or from the corruption of impurity, both of mind and of body. Hael | I will not risk the life of another to safeguard my own. Vailu | I will never permit personal feeling, aspirations, animosities or friendships to influence my decisions. Kulin | I will not fall to weakness, insubordination nor disloyalty. Banih | I will remain anonymous, from now until the end of my life. Laier | I will suffer not the monstrosity that is impurity and forfeit the lives of those who do. Esun | I will enact the will of the Maheral and their Silver Councilors to the fullest extent of my ability. THE LADDER OF SERVITUDE | Ranks Okarir’tir | Guardian of Purity: Seated councilor of elheial’thilln, the incumbent Okarir’tir polices the enclaves of the Silver State at the behest of the Maheral. The Okarir’tir is responsible for the stationing of vihaian in the name of safeguarding Haelun’or and the enforcement of Silver Law. Chief sheriff of elcihi, the Okarir’tir may assign active vihaian to patrol and observe the streets of Haelun’or in vigilant service of the order and elmaehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Orrarir | Hunter: Chief inquisitors of el’vihaian tal’sohae, the Orrariran answer solely to the Maheral. Theirs is a task of great import, sullied by the weight of their blessed mission; the predatory annihilation of all threats foreign and domestic to the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Executors of the chief of state, elorrariran may also serve as the highest ranked informants and protectors of elcihi’s incumbent Maheral. Only two may wield the title until the day their service ends. Vihai | Whisper: Sworn and anonymous sentinels of the Silver State, elvihaian comprise the majority of the rank and file within el’vihaian tal’sohae. They are the entrusted protectors of the Silver State’s enclaves and the blessed city of Haelun’or. It is they who police its streets and safeguard its citizens from the dangers of impurity, dissent, and trespassers. It is they who wield blades of silver in times of war and see the will of theMaheral and their councilors made reality. Ruthless and efficient, elvihaian do proud by the children of Larihei. Halerir | Initiate: Those who aspire to serve within the ranks of el’vihaian tal’sohae. It is they who pledge to enact the will of the Maheral and the mali’aheral. Upon the training of their body and mind, Haleriran may swear themselves by the Code of The Whispers and rise to the rank of Vihai, joining their comrades in blessed, stoic service to the Silver State. APPLICATION All applications are anonymous and will only be reviewed by the Maheral. __________________________________________________________ OUT OF CHARACTER Minecraft Account: Discord Name: Timezone: IN CHARACTER Name: Age: Gender: Are you a citizen of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or?: Do you swear to live and die to safeguard maehr’sae hiylun’ehya?: Do you swear to protect the sovereignty of the Silver State of Haelun’or and its enclaves?: UNIFORM OF EL’VIHAIAN TAL’SOHAE An ornately crafted, elegant suit of silver armor is depicted upon the tablets, featuring a cloak embroidered with the all-seeing eye of the Maheral. (FM please pin this thread and archive “Sillumir | Armed Forces of Haelun’or”)
  7. Silver_State

    The Amended Governing Body of Haelun'or

    Balandir of Haelun’or has been entrusted with the position of Okarir’maehr, safekeeper of the most sacred and radiant Eternal College and library. So says the Sohaer, so says the Silver Council. maehr’sae hiylun’ehya
  8. Silver_State

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    The Sohaer, Kiljarys Isilliath lingered behind the most noble and wise Maheral, a symbol of purity and grace to his people. He strode forward at a languid pace, arms creased at his back per the mali’aheral sovereign’s wont. The Sohaer’s ancient, graying eyes surveyed the crowd gathered below, shifting between each and every observant face. Memories of decades past returned to him as the tide returns to the battered shore. His thin, pale lips were wrought into an infelicitous grin upon the conclusion of the Maheral’s speech. The sovereign stood beside the Maheral. His arms were raised high, thrown skyward with great elan. ”Kaean’leh evareh! Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  9. Silver_State

    A New Age of Silver

    Kiljarys Isilliath looms over the open sea from the confines of the Silver Citadel. Bringing his arms to his chest, he mutters aloud, “ Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya.”
  10. Silver_State

    The Eternal College

    [[Application currently pending. Check back later for more information.]] Dear Mister Vulnear, We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Eternal College. You have been tentatively accepted into the Bachelor’s Program in General Craft, and enrolled into the following classes: Mechanical Theory with Hileian Chirr’thilln Tactical Theory with Alyrion Laureh’onn Please report to the Eternal Library of Fi’halen with written work in tow. The new semester begins on the turn of the year. Delos Telperion Okarir’thill and Director of the Eternal College Dear Mister Starbreaker, We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Eternal College. You have been tentatively enrolled in the Master’s Program of Transfiguration and Bachelor’s Program of Medicine respectively, and have been signed up for the following courses: Transfiguration Theory with Khel’laurir Siil’crux Transmutation and Greater Elements with Khel’laurir Siil’crux Medicines for the Layperson with Alrin Sul’Sumana Poisons, Acids, and Burns with Solaria Soulheart Sutures, Balms, and Ointments with Alrin Sul’Sumana Please report to the Eternal Library of Fi’halen with written work in tow. The term begins on the turn of the year. Delos Telperion Okarir’thill and Director of the Eternal College [[Please message InfamousAmerican (Hydra#9812 on Discord) to schedule a meeting and begin the magic teaching process.]] [[Application currently pending. Check back later for more information.]]
  11. Silver_State

    The Eternal College

    Dear Mister Myrsta, We are pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the Eternal College. You have been tentatively enrolled in the Bachelor’s programs of Transfiguration and Medicine respectively, and have been signed up for the following courses: Voidal Theory with Delos Telperion Domestic Magics with [TBD] Transfiguration Theory with Khel’laurir Siil’crux Transmutation and Greater Elements with Khel’laurir Siil’crux Medicines for the Layperson with Alrin Sul’Sumana Please report to the Eternal Library of Fi’halen with written work in tow. The term begins on the turn of the year. Delos Telperion Okarir’thill and Director of the Eternal College [[Message InfamousAmerican to begin the magic teaching and MA process.]]
  12. Silver_State

    The Eternal College

    The Eternal College The Premier Conservatory of the Magical and the Mundane As announced on the 14th of the Deep Cold, 1693 “When one seeks to learn the higher arts, one enters the Eternal College.” Through every continent since Asulon upon which Descendants have tread, there has been the Eternal Library. Now, and for the first time in recent history, the Silver Council has deemed it appropriate to open the floodgates of knowledge to the world, that all may progress. Now, the mali’thill take application to the Eternal College from the masses. Learn from the greatest masters of their respective fields, and in turn become one yourself. Potential students should send their applications by bird or by enchanted letter to the Enclave. Courses are held according to the schedule of the various masters, and may be enrolled in by master recommendation and course credit within that school. Classes are, in general, either one-off or occur on a yearly basis, though some will require more in-depth lessons from the professor. Schools may be applied to individually, though certifications may require courses from multiple departments. The School of Magic Sage’s Certification of Ability Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane Master’s Certification of Magical Ability in Transfiguration Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Domestic Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in Transfiguration Associate’s Certification of Thought in Voidal Theory The Institute of Health Doctor’s Certification of Ability in Health Master’s Certification of Ability in Medicine Master’s Certification of Ability in Surgery Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Medicine Associate’s Certification of Ability in Basic Medicines The Academy of Ethics and Culture Doctor’s Certification of Ability in Thought Master’s Certification of Ability in Music Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in History Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Psychology The Institute of Progress Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in General Craft Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in the Bestiary The School of Mixology Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Mixology As a forewarning, any accepted applicant to the Eternal College is expected to arrive with a written work of any kind, authored by themselves or by an acknowledged mind. Any accepted applicant of unstable mind is liable to ejection from the Eternal College pending proper justifications under Fi’halen Regulations. Non-mali’aheral are not subject to logically-exempted Purity Regulations. Entrance into laboratories strictly prohibited without guidance from approved professors of the College. Remember that the copying, destruction or theft of books from the Eternal Library is punishable by death. Use of Dark Magics is strictly prohibited. Application to Instruct in the Eternal College (Teaching Application): [[OOC]] IGN: Discord [Optional]: [[IC]] Name: Race: Age: School(s) applying to: Subjects known: Any classes one wishes to introduce: Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Application to Learn in the Eternal College (Student Application): [[OOC]] IGN: Discord [Optional]: [[IC]] Name: Race: Age: School(s) and Certifications applying to: Magics known prior: Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?:
  13. Silver_State

    The Ancient Elves

    We’re transcribing the books we have in our library to the forums, they’ve been here since Anthos.
  14. The History of Everal, The First City of the Elves By Leyu’Maehr A long time ago the First Race crossed one of the Great Oceans of Aegis to arrive on a beach. This beach was bestowed with a magical power from a long gone time. It let all plant grow abundantly there and in the surrounding areas. The sand there made glass as hard as steel and that which would never break. So when the Frist Race, later known as Elves, planted their magical seeds… Great towering trees grew in their place. Ordinary fire could not scorch these trees, spreading its seeds wherever they went, creating an Empire dwarf all others previously known. The Elves lived inside the trunks of these towering trees, singing to them to help them grow. Then on day many centuries later, an astronomical storm swept across the land, felling the magical trees where they stood. Lightning stroke the exposed Earth, melting the ground and forming pools of lava. Great fire, fuelled by the dark energies of the storm, burnt all of the remaining trees. Only a few kilometres remained. This is where the Elves sheltered during the storm. They named this area Evaral, meaning ‘protected’ in their lost language. They tried to spread the seeds of the magical trees once more, but the Earth still remembered the horrors of the storm and wouldn’t let them grow. And when this area became overpopulated, the Elves started to reach for the sky! The trees grew until they touched the highest planes of the atmosphere and all was at peace once again. The Elves built walls of enchanted wood around Evaral, to protect the city from new predators and spirits that rose with the storm. And then a terrible thing happened. Some of the Elves dissented from this way of life, as wonderful as it was. They became greedy and wanted more land, ores, and resources. One by one the Dissenters left Evaral; preferring the new forests beyond its border. They spread out far across the land, struggling to cope with their new homes. Eventually even they settled down and formed small villages, under no ruler. Some even evolved into other races, forgetting what they left behind. By this time only a few families remained in Evaral, and they did not know what to do. They missed the kinship of the other Elves, so they decided to leave too. But before they left each family took with them a seed from the first tree, which happened to reside in Evaral. This tree was very old and wrought with homes and its spirit was sad too, for it missed the Elves that left. It shed its bark to help the remaining Elves in their journeys, forming impenetrable armour to help the remaining Elves in their journeys. This armour now resides in the Tomb of Evaral, as the First Tree’s spirit reclaimed it. And then none were left in the Evaral. However over the centuries the seed still could grow, but the land never accepted them. Until one day many centuries later, it came in the hands of a young Druid. The great city of Evaral’s location is hidden from the world, but many believe it is still out there. Perhaps one day, a great hero will stumble upon it. And bring it to power once again.
  15. Silver_State

    The Ancient Elves

    The Ancient Elves By Aedan Once upon a time, long before the beginning of written history, the lands of the wilderness were inhabited by a single race: The Ancient Elves. This race was the first to love in the lands of Aegis. They built incredible structures in the lands of the Niben bay, and its surroundings. The Niben bay was a large body of water lying in the Niben Basin, largely east of the city of Hawkhaven. It lies across the Niben River, splitting it into two parts, and so is technically a lake rather than a bay. The Niben was once occupied by their capital: Garlas Malathar, also known as Nirn Weye vas Cyrod: The White Gold City. This city was, according to the ancient books, the biggest capital in Aegis. The city was filled with complex tunnels and districts with different ambience. They say you could feel one with the city, it was filled with statues of nature, exotic birds and wonderful animals… including Dragons… The Ancient Elves learned how to befriend a Dragon, instead of taming them like most races did. They knew that friendship was stronger than any force in the world. These Dragons shared their knowledge with them, they showed them the basics of energy manipulation that are still used now-a-days. They soon found how to store energy in crystals and use them for many things. They used them to power their entire civilization, giving power and light to their cities. One day, a new Dragonlord took power of the empire. His name was Akron. He was foolish and always wished to have more power. He hated other races and considered them inferior. He soon tried to power stronger crystals for war. The Dragons refused and prevented him from doing so. Akron then called upon the forces of Iblees to drain the dragons’ power. The dragons, foreseeing their end, created the varla stone and powered it with The Dragonfires, sealing the gates to The Nether, and killing themselves… Some dragons remained as statues, petrified, and waiting to be awakened. They will wake up when the right time comes. After the beginning of the First Era, Akron began to damage nature and attempted to enslave other races. This marked the beginning of the Great War which lasted decades. Akron was finally defeated. To the fall of their Empire, humans took the power of the crystals. Their power turned them blind and foolish. They began to kill all survivors of the Ancient Elves and burned their cities to the ground. Some of the managed to escape and survived. Many kings tried to restore their old glory but failed. Without the power of the Dragonfires, they weren’t able to do such thing. They say that if you look closely to the sunrise, you can still see the ruins of Garlas Malathar, waiting to be discovered, and raised once again…