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    Geoff never had an easy life. After losing his mother to childbirth and his father to the cups, Geoff spent his childhood in the streets of Belvitz, surviving off of donations both willing and unknown. However, Geoff had an advantage over the other urchins. Geoff was always taller and stockier than his peers. As he grew, his size became valued for another purpose: intimidation. Geoff grew from pick-pocketing to muggings, and as he became more immersed in the criminal underworld, from muggings to protection rackets. Geoff’s build made him a natural, and the job payed well. Life was great. Alas, all great things must come to an end. Geoff was less than subtle in his work, and the long arm of the law scooped him from the good life. After ten lashes and three years imprisonment, he fled the city, to seek a new beginning. Geoff spends his days wandering the continent, looking for enough work to keep him fed and sheltered.
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