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  1. Thanks you, come again

  2. That’s in like; 6h, probably will be yeah! My discord is the same than this name, you can find me in the server discords
  3. I've heard they're closed for now as in, you can no longer make one, only the ones around are those left.
  4. I mean kobolds are reptile esque, the dragon name I gave them was mostly due to it sounding prettier, they have no affiliation to dragons what do ever. And the males and females round about 4ft more or less. So I'm afraid I'm missing your point a bit ^^'
  5. That's actually a lot of help, thabks! El tough funny enough the race I based this on was kobolds rather ^^'; guess I should work more on those points anyway, thanks a lot for said pointers really!
  6. Yeah hearing this a lot now, I'll try to keep it in mind next time, altoguh never heard that "dragonkin" term.
  7. I’m sorry to hear you feel this way about my race; I’ll take your opinion onto account nontheless, thanks!
  8. Oh, your picture made me though so; aight. Although I actually learned about Azdrari after I started to write this in my mind; just happened to find out a bit too late they were already a thing; I tried to differentiate them but I guess I’ll try harder next time; or just leave short reptilians aside all together. Thanks a lot!
  9. Welp I tried, any tips on what to rework? For the next time?
  10. Origin: The Eastern Dragons; started as simply a group of raptor predators who dominated their area on top of the food chain. They were slightly smarter than most animals, but not enough to be considered intelligent. Their natural area included the high peaks and mountain areas of the new-continent, which explains why they haven't been common to see as of yet. Despite being able to hunt all of the fauna there; there was an exception they always ignored; this being the wisp; this wasn't due to respect or anything; but they were both too tiny and too much of a hassle to capture to even bother going after. However, the wisp mother took this as a sign of respect, gaining a liking to these pseudo-people. Time went on and resources became scarce; the Eastern dragons had no competition or higher predators, so they multiplied and killed faster than their prey could; which over time caused a famine. When it looked like things couldn't get worse; an orcs caravan appeared; who were just passing by, yet they took curiosity for the unusual species. It was only a few weeks before they captured and cage nearly all of them to use as work-labor; they were weaker than them but strong enough to work; and less intelligent but smart enough to follow simple orders. The perfect mold for a slave. The wispmother of course, wasn't pleased by the fact that those who see thought of as ''followers'' had just been taken by a group of brutes, so she followed after. Only to find out horrified the propose they were taken for. Abused, overworked and mistreated. The whole race seemed to have hit rock bottom; however the wispmother wasn't simply going to let his little followers continue subjugated. The wispmother approached all the eastern dragons, one by one; granting a wisp; this wisp was then bound to their soul, and fulfilled in filling every flaw they possessed, granting them higher intelligence; and the advantage to communicate; which opened the doors to teamwork and cooperation, something they've always lacked. With this never-seen before advantages, it took a few weeks for them to work out a plan undercover; and at the dawn of night, they stroke. They all attacked together, broke the chain and freed their race. Many lives were lost, but at last, the race was once again free; and it was all thanks to the wispmother's care. Of course, the orcs proved resilient, they weren't just going to let their newfound slaves escape, and so hoards of them were sent after them soon after. However the orcs didn't account for one thing; with their newfound intelligence, the dragons could use the terrain for their advantage, and orcs not being native to the mountains, were crushed; it didn't matter how many they sent. The terrain was too rough, the weather too cold, and finally; they left the dragons remain alone. After this, they began to actually shape a society, having already seen the orchis cities they had some clue on how to begin; all of course, whilst being thankful for the wispmother for saving them from a life as slaves; and granting them a life-long companion which would help them through their life. Description; The eastern dragons can be easily described as short, reptilian bipeds. They're covered in a thick layer of scales, which colours can be quite varied, although all of them are quite dark in order to not be spot out by prey. They possess a digitigrades position, with a slightly forwarded body using their long thick tails as a counterweight and a tool at times. Their body also offers some natural weapons; be it the jaws and claws. Despite of being reptiles they have some uncommon features; such as being warm blooded and possessing external flat ears; rendering their hearing just as good as most. They're bound from birth to their own ''wisp'' it is believed it's a natural magical projection of their soul, the wisp serves as a companion and aid; they are mentally bound able to read one other's thoughts; damage done to the wisp will be directly reflected to the eastern dragon, and vice-versa, however they can temporarily conceal it by making it disappear, but not for prolonged periods. In regards of aging, eastern dragons reach maturity at 14 years of age yet aren't socially recognised as adults until 21 years of age. They live considerably long lives; their utile lifespan is up to 240 years, after which some are able to last 300; males tend to live longer than females. They’re inteligent in their own ways, each of the genders excelling in one regard; females are quite good solving problems and memorizing information; however they struggle in the creative regard. Males on the other hand are quite creative and fast learners; however they have a bad attentionspan and memory. They usually work together as one covers the other’s flaws. Eastern dragons present some noticeable gender dimorphism; which happens to be quite the opposite to the usual: Males are smaller, with less muscle mass. However they posses longer and sharper nails and teeth; their explosive capacity (''sudden efforts'') is greater, rendering them more sly, agile and better at maneuvering; with the addition of male-only poison glands.Their height ranges 1.12m to 1.35m on average. Females on one end of the spectrum are bigger, with easier to develop muscles and a thicker layer of scales. They're overall bulkier relative to their male counterparts; while slower and less agile, they make up to it with their sheer strength and stamina. They tend to round up between 1.29m to 1.54m. History: The Sunrise Finally after breaking their chains of slavery, eastern dragons began to shape a society. Luckily for them, they already gained knowledge from the time they spent as captives. They started already with knowledge on how to mine and refine metal into tools, weapons and other miscellaneous uses; since as slaves a good chuck of them took care of said work. It took few years for their first settlement to exist, consisting of a few houses and a pretty simplistic civilization based on trade. A few decades later they already expanded over the mountain ring they inhabited with smaller settlements, and so they began their first steps towards a civilization. The Eclipse Era With now their numbers approaching the hundreds, they needed a new way of organizing many things. In regards of economy. They began to use a currency instead of the now eclipsed trade; as a few adventurers learnt from expeditions into other cities about the usage of coins. Same happened to hierarchy, until then they were a fully theocratic society but they began to shape what looked like a dynasty, composed of the most influential and intellectual of their kin; with the richest family at the top of the dynasty, the Emperor; said title went on from parent to firstborn, be it male or female. They took the functions of government too, shaping a government and the roots of a military force, by now; exclusive to females. High Noon Time went on and so did the society, the dynasty strengthened its roots in society, gaining further influence; however it never mixed itself with the religion as it respected the wispmother . The military gained more strength, as compulsory military service was added, making every citizen prepared to defend themselves, with the addition of allowing males to join. Forgery of weapons advanced now adding more refined and advanced blades, such as halberds, , curved swords, glaives and more; overall quite unique weapons made in the shape and size of the dragons. It was also an age where the medicine advance, techniques such as the use of herbs, acupuncture and others began to shape gaining influence from other cultures. The Dawn It'd been decades since they started as a society; but after learning from expeditions into other cities and their own research, they finally managed to catch up with equal advances to other species, now at the same level. They had a well established government, shaped by the dynasty which was well respected by its people and expanded all around the mountain ring they inhabited. Their military was nothing to laugh at; it was virtually shaped by every adult in their species, and the actives forces alone were enough to deter most attackers. The religion was well respected and praised, as their link to the wispmother got stronger and stronger every day that passed. In the science department, they had already started to work with new alternative works, such as sulphur to develop fireworks and other uses of that short. Their cities were well structured and defended with high strong walls. They were self-supplying able to live completely on their own; however this was after taking many lessons and knowlege from other cultures and gathering it all together into their own, which got them to keep their gates open for visitors, be it schoolars, adventurers, traverlers.. Everyone was welcomed as long as they didn’t share blood with their past slavers, the orcs. Culture: Eastern dragons, post-slavery developed a more advanced culture, yet unique in their own way. This was mostly done with the help of their previosu knowlege on society and the numerous trades they did with other cities, learning from their culture and creating their own unique variations and interpretations of it, eventually getting to the point where they could say they had a culture of their own. They’re open to trade with most races; with orcs being the exceptions. Furthermore any orc or inbreed of orc blood is stricly banned from their cities. In regards of the military; they have a compulsory military service for females and males above the 1.2m of height, said service is taken at 19 years of age until they reach 20's; at this time they're tough basics in survival, first aids, teamwork, self-defense and more. Their military ranks are formidable, making up for their size with superior strategizing and unique weaponry. Despite of this; their military is mostly a deterrent; never being the ones to throw the first stone. Among their commonly used weapons you'd find spears, halberds, curved swords, javelins; for long range crossbow are usually the choice, but bows might be chosen at times. In regards to defence, females sometimes sport reinforced heavy shields, able to cover them if they crouch, using semi-developed formations of shields to advance. In regards of the cities structures; their cities start with stone foundations, wooden buildings, slate roofs, high thick walls... They're usually settled in high mountains, using the location as further deterrent for invasions, due to the roughness of such climates for outsiders. The entirety of cities are all decorated with planted trees and crops in flat-enough areas (which are not easy to find in mountains), and paper lanterns are hanged all around to be lit at night. The governmental and richer buildings sit at the top of the cities, close to the mountain peaks; yet this is reserved to the religious temples. In regards of religion; they are monotheist. Their goddess is the ''Wispmother'' the one to have granted them their bond with the wisps which greatly contributed to break their slavery from the orcs and found the bases of their society; it is rare to find one who doesn't venerate this goddess as they're always followed by their own wisp. The religion has some basic foundations on respect on others and empathy; and every year there're several rituals to honour her. Religious charges are open to everyone, yet scholars have a greater chance of being allowed. In regards of romance; they're pretty strict on one aspect of relationships; this being, once they engage with someone they're expected for them to stay together until the end. Such things as separation or divorce are off-limits in their law. It's also not ever found inter-racial relationships, given their inherent tendency to avoid other races as a whole; despite all these restrictions they are open to same-sex couples. Courting is suggested against until they reach the age of adulthood (21 years), and marriage isn't allowed until a minimum of 4 years have passed; to ensure the relationship has a strong foundation and minimise the chances of it breaking down from within. Marriage is a private ceremony hosted at the temples, in which only the two individuals are to go and be assisted by a priest. About their diet; they’re mostly carnivorous. However they’re able to eat vegetals, fruits nuts and beans; they just don’t render them anything in the nutritional regard. They mostly just add such things into their meals for flavors, so they avoid soft-flavored fruits; as it doesn’t really give them anything. One unique trait is they’re quite formidable withstanding spicy treats; not only this, but they are delighted by them. Beacoues of this settlements in low enough altitudes and warmer climates are full of farmers dedicated to grow hot peppers; they also use said peppers in trades as not many others grow these at all, and the softer variants are usually sold to other cities and settlements, keeping the stronger varieties for themselves. They despise bitter tastes. In more miscellaneous regards, their dress code is usually full-body coverings, (made out of silk for the most part), they're similar to kimonos yet adapted to their body structures. Chainmail and leather clothing are a variant of fashion for adventurers and explorers doubling as armour. Priests dress code is to be monochromic, said colour varies depending on the region, but all priests are to dress with one and the same. A trait shared by everyone except priests is the use of jewellery and body piercing; seeing it as a sign of wealth and status; fake replicas of precious metals are looked down upon. They have several variants of medicine, revolving around herbs, acupuncture and usage of wisps to aid. Their knowledge on gunpowder, sulphur and other explosives, being able to craft fireworks and other usages. They're prone in literature poetry and art; however males tend to be the ones to mainstream these choices for the most part, as females usually choose more physically leaned hobbies, usually sports or sparring. Abilities: The Wisps: From birth Eastern Dragons (from now on referred to as ''carriers'') accompanied to all places by a wisp; this wisp offers a great tool in communication; as carriers are biologically incapable of speech besides gnarling and hissing; whereas the wisp can and will speak for the carrier; transmitting his thoughts; however this will be done in 3rd person; as the wisps have a mind of their own; they can also give off dim light in darkness and inform of events or any aspects the dragon might've missed; this all goes both ways though. Mechanics of the ability. When role-playing , you must perform the actions as the dragon; yet speak as the wisp, to transmit the dragon's thoughts and feelings (although the wisp might change them, one can choose their wisp's personality, yet it tends to be an extension of the carrier's. If a wisp is forced too far of the carrier it will immediately reappear next to them. Specific Red Lines. A wisp may not go further than 4 meters from their carrier. If the wisp dies so does the carrier; and both will be brought back by monks simultaneously. They cannot read other's minds or harm them in a direct way. Concealing cannot go for further than 10 minutes. Born in Peaks; Eastern Dragons are native to some of the highest peaks; therefore they've evolved so they can survive in sub cero climates bare naked. Mechanics of the ability. Simply put, if you're to play a dragon; temperatures down to -15Cº are bearable; however beneath that point you're to start needing more than your body to withstand the weather. Specific Red Lines. Being able to bear such conditions doesn't come for free; their body needs a lot of energy to keep the warmth inside their body, they still have internal temperatures along the lines of most races, therefore their daily diet is quite above the racial average. They also have a difficult time withstanding higher temperatures above 23Cº. Male poison glands Male Eastern Dragons are born with poison glands, which make up for their lack in strenght and size; these glands mature with the dragon in adulthood. They also have two bigger fangs underdeveloped on females in the upper row of their teeth Mechanics of the ability: If you bite someone you may inject the poison into them; if it hits their skin it’d make them feel a lot of pain; similar to that of a ‘’bullet ant’’, said posion takes a 1h cooldown to resupply, and will only work if injected directly at a bite, or an open wound. Specific Red Lines. You cannot shorten the cooldown with training; it’s a biological process. You can’t spit the poison like some short of throwable atack, it’s released by fangs, period. The poison will only generate if the dragon is well feed; if he was to be malnhourised the body will avoid the extra expense. Red lines: General red lines: A Eastern Dragon cannot learn how to talk on their own, no matter the training; it's not that they don't know how to, they just luck something similar to vocal cords, so they can only do animal like noises. They can't live without their wisp and nor can the wisp live without their carrier, no matter how much magic you throw at it. They also can't be brought back by the monks separately; they're always bound, no exceptions. Incase it’s not obvious enough; males are surprisingly weak relative to other species in blunt strenght. Females have their natural bodymass and ease to grow muscle, however males are lacking in this regard. All of this mixed up with the fact that they’re the shorter variant of the two, renders them as a quite weak being in blunt strength regards (such as pushing, pulling, lifting; using weapons as maces...) Ability specific red lines: The range of the wisps is not to be extended, they cannot phase through objects or teleport. Nor reappear in a location they can't directly reach from the carrier's position at the time. They can't neither get used to too warm temperatures; I'd say at best they can withstand long-term temperatures of 30Cº, else they'll need lots of water and might still pass out from a heat stroke if it goes for too long. The poison is simply a soft neurotoxin that causes pain; one dose isn’t enough to kill anyone, will only deal a lot of pain: I repeat, its’ a neurotoxin, not a xenomorph’s blood, so it won’t melt armors or flesh, it’s as dangerous to those as water. Purpose: My attempt is to add a new species that's a tad more different than elves are to humans, to make the world a bit more engaging and make the whole roleplay scenario more varied. I just hope to make a unique race in their own right that are fun to play, having their advantages and disadvantages. Their way of being solitary and so might spike some small conflicts and new approaches on how to deal with such a culture. Together with their alternative medicine offering the chance of creating and developing new schools of those fields. Their wisps hopefully add some flavour by their way of portraying the character's thoughts into words, where they might add a few things of their own, creating a new way to approach communication. As well with the whole ''damage sharing'' as a weakness to counter the wisps advantages on perception by giving off a bit of light and such.
  11. Kaluphee


    She was born and raised in a commoner’s familly in Renatus, by the coast, and from an early age, strived to move further into the continent. At a young age she was interested by the training her older brother passed in order to become a knight; most days she was refused due to her young age, but as she reached the age of twelve she was allowed to join the training. By the time she was 16 she was already starting to learn how to handle two handed swords, and grew an affinity for heavy weapons and the strenght they require. After serving for 4 and a half years in the army, she deserted for serveral disagreements with her higher-ups and moved to work as a mercenary; for the goods and glory. Around her 21 years she moved to the city of Holm, as work was easier to find and it fufilled her childhood dream. She never came back to their family after this.
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