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    She was born and raised in a commoner’s familly in Renatus, by the coast, and from an early age, strived to move further into the continent. At a young age she was interested by the training her older brother passed in order to become a knight; most days she was refused due to her young age, but as she reached the age of twelve she was allowed to join the training. By the time she was 16 she was already starting to learn how to handle two handed swords, and grew an affinity for heavy weapons and the strenght they require. After serving for 4 and a half years in the army, she deserted for serveral disagreements with her higher-ups and moved to work as a mercenary; for the goods and glory. Around her 21 years she moved to the city of Holm, as work was easier to find and it fufilled her childhood dream. She never came back to their family after this.