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    Elinya was born in the Silver state of Haelun’or (like most other high elves). She was raised in an ordinary family and had a fairly normal upbringing since the high elves are currently freed from the previous human rule from the holy Orenian empire. She was taught the strict code of living within the high elf society from an early age, and much like her parents, she took upon the hatred of impure things (eg. Half breeds). When she studied in school, she learned that there were certain types of magic in the world that high elves like her could learn. After asking her parents about it (who were arcane magic users themselves), they explained all the different branches of magic that she could specialize in. After getting a basic overview of arcane magic, she decided that she liked evocation the best, specifically elemental evocation. One day, she ran into a half breed high elf, and immediately, she was struck with disgust. She told the elf to leave immediately because he was impure. The half breed responded “I’ve done nothing wrong! My race doesn’t depict the person I am. If my parents were sinners who decided to interracially breed, that doesn’t mean I am impure as they were.”. After hearing these words, Elinya realized perhaps the teachings from her youth were flawed and started to lose trust in the people around her. Because of this event, she has a secluded personality and prefers solace over being with others. Currently, she’s living on her own in the silver city, and she recently graduated from school. She’s currently looking for a teacher for the art of arcane magic.
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