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  1. TH3_Doctr


    I read the pages about Meta-Gaming and Power-gaming. I fixed the definitions. Are there still problems with my description and bio or facts? Thanks for all of your help!!
  2. TH3_Doctr


    I spent a lot of time on this application and I hope you guys accept it.(: This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Meta gaming. P.S. I love the dog
  3. TH3_Doctr


    I was born in 1623 in the small town South East of “Fenn”. I have lived there my whole life... I think. I never really knew much about my life before I showed up there. One day I just woke up in the town square with no memory of how I got there or who I was. The people took pity on me and gave me a home, and a name. Lloyd. I am distinctively a half-elf but not an Adunian. I like to spend my time training with my friends and Sensei as a stealth Warrior. I train in the wilderness West of my town. I prefer to be in nature than working in the village. I don’t want power, only to help those who can’t help themselves. I don’t feel comfortable in any of the Elven cities really. I don’t fit in with the other elves and half-elves My friends are very good to me and they enjoy aiding me in my search for my past.
  4. TH3_Doctr


    I was Raised in war prisoner camp and escaped only to find that my future sensei had helped me the whole way without me knowing. I trained to fight evil as a ninja alongside my 4 friends.
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