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  1. Kailu Zintumal has a new objective and that is to travel to all the towns and nations!

  2. I have a wappad @Nai-kai-sai or @Nai-sai-kai

  3. Hiduds


    When Kailu Zintumal was born lightning struck near where he was born his parents were scared by the thunder and thought he had a skill for lightning, but that was just coincidence, but when they figured out it was to late they told and bragged about it, and was distraught when they figured out that he had no skill for thunder.He lived in The Citadel of Acael when he went to guard academy near his village in The Citadel of Acael, he was a loner, but he did try to make friends, but none of his classmates would talk to him. After he graduated from Guard academy he decided to become a adventurer, but his parents were afraid he might get hurt, so they tried to keep him home by telling him he has to know about the past of his race like the Ancient History of the Mali'fenn after he did that his parent let him go. After a few years of being a loner he decided to try to find friends in Talar'ikur.
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